FAQ Rubix Bulk Price Editor

Why the discounted price is not showing correctly in my store? 

We suggest creating 1 dummy product to learn how this app works.

1. First, create a dummy product
2. Open the app
3. Create a task to decrease the price by 50% for the dummy product
4. Execute the task and wait until the task done
5. Open the product page (the page that you created in step 1 ) from your admin dashboard
6. See whether the price gets discounted by 50%
If the price is changed as expected, so it indicates the app works correctly. If the price in the admin dashboard shows correctly, BUT it does not show correctly in your store, the problem is in your themes.

Basically, the app is just changing the price in the admin dashboard (see the below picture), not how it shows in your store. The app does not change your themes code.